Design Domain Part 1 During this design domain project, we had to think about the subject: "how do we live?".
After the design domain symposium many ideas came up to my head, but one question really hit me.

How design make us human?

It was from a talk by Maria Pestana, where she explained how an object makes us human or how the
governments from our countries want us to feel like citizens. So I thought it would be interesting to explore
the field of design that doesn't really makes us human.

These are the first ideas I had during the first week :

I took a small break to overview my work and think about it. I wasn't focusing on the right thing.
So I started over, but still kept the idea of type design.

I noticed that some design make us human in different ways. For example, cities are designed to welcome
its inhabitants. There's also other types of design we can identify ourselves in, therefore
making us feel like humans. In fact, most of the communication designs are created to
convey a message we can interpret.

Knowing that I wanted to explore type design. Its main purpose is to transmit a message through the
words. A trend around kinetic type has been growing since last year and I wanted to see if these kinetic
types could transmit something in addition to the real words.
For my concept, I wanted to focus on emotions.

I did some research and listed all my graphic and concepts references bellow :

My references :

- Article 1
- Article 2
- Matthew Carter TEDx Talk
- Kiel typography software
- Gerard Mallandrich
- Schultz-Schultz
- Maalavidaa



To transmit emotions through the kinetic types I had to extract the properties from each word.
Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding
circumstances. The key characteristics of stress are tension and pressure. Now if we translate this
into properties we will have a speed variable and a tension variable.
These are the key properties we can actually use in the animation of the type. They will convey
the emotion of stress through their movement.

Same thing for loneliness and anxiety.

Anxiety :
A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.
Properties :
uncertain outcome -> randomness
nervousness -> mini glitch, pixelisation
unease -> uncomfortable distortion

Loneliness :
affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome.
Properties : being alone -> small invisible
lonesome -> blurness


I was planning to use After Effects because I know the software. It will be very interesting to involve code in this project as we're starting the creative coding this semester.


Despite the theme being very vague and large I really enjoyed this project. At first, I was quite unsure of what I was doing and I thought my ideas weren't right. I took a step back and decided to push my mind outside of its current boundaries. it was at this moment I could really start to imagine and conceptualize my idea. It was really interesting to understand the process of creating a concept based on such vague theme.