IMPORTANT: Please refer to our miro board for our research and development
process: HERE



We launched the project by overlooking the brief as usual and by checking a whole bunch of references. It was really nice to really take the time to do this. Usually we look very briefly at references, ideas or concrete works, this extensive over was really nice!

Since this project is more of a proposal rather a concrete project we didn’t have much technical workshops, but more lectures about concepts and discussion. This was really nice and a bit new to have them so much.


Indeed, instead of the technical stuff we mostly looked at creative processes and approaches. We looked at different artists and company's practice as well as Paul's past work assignments for different clients. It was really interesting to see everything we learned so far applied in the real world with actual installations or project using these technologies, in museums, exhibitions or others. We then received later a talk by ISO's guests. It was incredibly nice to see their process of work in this field of work. From past experience I could only observe the process in a communication agency but this was very different, though very interesting and rich to learn about. These sets of lectures and guest talks were very useful to have another perspective on the brief. I think it helped us consider a more tangible yet open approach to the brief.


We had a little support session with Paul to understand in more depth what the brief was all about and what are the expectations. It was very informative to have this meeting as we understood what we needed to work on and which points of focus to include.


With my group we quickly called over zoom a bunch of times during the first to talk and discuss our ideas and thoughts. The first week was more of a laying down ideas process. We populated our Miro board with extensive bits of research and little ideas. This helped us reflect and connect dots

I think we wanted to make something yet personal but also with everyone’s involvements. I really didn’t want to make something with only one person’s idea. It wasn’t easy but really really worth the effort. We started to group similar types of interests, concepts, ideas, aesthetics etc. We work a lot with milo. It helped us visualise all our ideas in one place.

We took the week-end to process everything and we agreed to get back on Monday with a fresh mind and set up our final concept through discussions.

We started by laying down a lot of ideas on our miro board



We took the week-end to process everything and we agreed to get back on Monday with a fresh mind and set up our final concept through discussions. We agreed on making something with the theme of balance and connection. We also wanted to make something about improvement and positivity. Those 3 main ideas originated from the 3 of us. By blending all these, we thought about a sort of interactive piece where people could interact with users somewhere else. We also agreed on this balance idea by making stressful environment more sociable and relaxing, leading to the improvement theme.

Addiotonally we looked up some references of work on those subject and some aesthetic inspiration (mood board)


We met again with Paul for our tutorial and explained the key points of our concept so far. We didn’t have yet a clear view and idea about this, but it was interesting to discuss it with him as it lead us to discuss points we haven’t yet covered. After the tutorial we agreed to meet again to talk and finalise our idea. On Thursday of the second week we had our final concept set up.


We initiated some discussion with my group to reflect a bit on the project and the assignment. It was interesting to take a few step back to reflect on this. We managed to identify confusing ideas, and missing element to our proposal. I think it's an important thing to do mid project as you can clearly spot the things that can go wrong and quickly adjust them.


So the final concept would an interactive piece placed in busy, and stressful environment.The goal would be to bring people together and try to make them work together to achieve a goal. By achieving this goal they unlock informations and at the same time create a soothing environment. Indeed, the more people interact with the piece the more light it emits. As we choose a warm colour palette and a soothing aesthetics system it will fill the space with warm light and peaceful shapes. Ultimately by collaborating together, the users will create a space filled with warm lights and therefore a soothing atmosphere, making the usual stressful space a slightly more bearable environment.


We started to explore the design systems over the end of the week and the week-end. Each of us, research fonts, shapes and colors and different layout that we could implement for our piece.
We met agin on Monday of the last week to agree and set up our final aesthetic and design system. We agreed to take Jenny's colour palette, Yuki's shape system and my fonts. It was nice to have each of our thoughts and experimentation in the final design. It made everything more exciting to work on!

Here's the final design system

Although we all did some experiment before hand, I don't have the one from the others, but here a my visual experiments of the different step of the piece.



We also worked on the user journey and the UX of our piece. We created personas to analyse what could be the limits of our piece and how we can fix these limits with new design. It was very helpful as we discovered tiny accessibility issues. and it helped us summarise the actual user journey.

Here's the user journey

Here are the personas


After having our design system set, we only had to create contextual images to show how it will be set up in real life and create the presentation. We started by doing some mock up environment and then looked for real images.

We started by looking for mock ups of billboard in different public spaces and finally chose 2 mock ups, one in an underground train station and the other in a hospital.

After finalising our piece images of each step, I integrated them in the train station mock-up and Jenny integrated them in the hospital mock-up

Some final imagery of work in context


I don't think we really encountered any issues over the project, maybe only slight difficulties as it was sometimes not ideal to discuss and design collaboratively on zoom but i think we totally managed that in the end.


Once we finished every content creation, we started to work on the proposal and presentation. We started to fill big themed spaces within our Miro Board, but we didn't focus on the actual content that we were going to present. For this we first set up a list of slides covering every part of our project and then we assigned slides to each others. This way we could distribute evenly the task between each other and go forward quickly. On Wednesday we started to work on our slides and finished it in Thursday. The process wasn't long and painful as we did 90% of the work already on our miro board. We put everything on a google Slide document, then I decided to put everything clean in a keynote presentation as it was way easier to edit and design rather than google slide.


We presented our proposal as the last one. I think we slightly mis-managed timing with our presentation we probably over spoke. But hopefully we said everything and made everything clear.

The full pdf can be found here


It was very interesting to reflect as a group for once. Usually and especially now being so isolated, I would reflect on my project alone most of the time. But it was so much more interesting to do it as a group. I forgot how important it is to be able to share thoughts and discuss them with people. This clearly helped us resolve so many tiny issues about our project. We were able to properly adjust these issues and even find better solutions sometimes.

It was also interesting to work on a project that involved almost a fake client. We really worked a lot on the purpose of our piece, and its usefulness. Indeed, this was less about creating experimental and abstract work, but to make something tangible and "useful". We questioned our proposal and ideas a lot to figure our if our concept was worth it and not completely useless. Thanks to all that discussion and questioning we managed to create a piece that had a real purpose and not completely abstract.


I really enjoyed working on this project, it was super fun to work on it as a group even though we were distanced. It was so nice to share ideas, discuss them and think about a big concept altogether. The project itself was also great to work on, I enjoyed thinking about a potentially client project. It made our thinking so different and it was super interesting to do research on it. Rather than being ultra experimental and free we had to stick to a number of rules which lately disappeared as we're moving up in years.

Even though it was only a proposal it was sometimes challenging to come with the right ideas as the brief was so different from usual, but it forced us into another mindset which was a good thing in the end.

Overall the new type of brief was very interesting to work and even more so by being a group to work on it. It allowed a rich variety of exchanges. A great way to end the year with such a positive experience!