Open project is a quick project focused on studio practice reflection and development. We had the opportunity to read different texts and attend multiple workshops and seminars. These workshops and seminar were introducing for some of us new practices, new technologies, new tools and new ways of reflecting and thinking.


We started the project with a documentation workshop. It aimed at the different processes of documenting our work at the art school. We watch references from ECAL students. It showed the art direction set by the school. Every student has to follow this art direction to be coherent with the spirit of the school.
I found it was very aesthetic and showed everything very well. I also noticed they have dedicated spaces for these type of documentation (studio etc).

This example shows well the tools and space ECAL has for documenting their students work.

It really inspired me to document my own work with all the tools I have and set up a kind of art direction/identity to my documentation to have some coherence between all my works.

We later tried to shoot objects in the studio to get a hand on DSLRs. I already have a DSLR so I let my peers discover and try things with it. It was nice to exploit the studio space and make the best of it to shoot objects. I learned a lot and now know where to shoot within the studio and what tools I can use for future documentation.

Later in the week, we went to the Neon Design Festival in Dundee. The festival focuses on digital arts. I really like and learned a lot about all the exhibition spaces. It was kind of unique for some art pieces. (shopping mall, hotel hall, small workshop). It made me reflect on where artwork can be put for exhibitions.


Week 2 started with the seminars, which I couldn't attend to, unfortunately. Dayna has very nicely recorded the Discussions & Provocations seminar for me. I could listen to the entire talks and presentation.
The seminar was based on the second chapter of James Bridle book called New Dark Age.
It was very interesting to listen to others thoughts and vision about the book. I could also listen to their talks on various subjects not necessarily related to the book. It inspired me to share more things with others. As I'm quite shy I tend to keep my thoughts for me when I see that I don't have the same opinion on things. So it has definitely helped to work on that.

Focusing on the read, it made me reflect later how we're using technology nowadays. Is it bad, is it good?
I wrote in my small essay about that.
Based on that I now think about all the tools I'm using for every project.


On Tuesday I attended two workshops conducted by Jen. One was about trigger sensors and the other was about DMX. The two workshops aimed at the technical aspects of these technologies. We learned one they work and we could try multiple things out. I noticed that these two workshops had similarities, especially on data transmission.
Both technologies transmit and receive data. It's a very important part I wasn't considering enough before. How data is transmitted, what this data means, how do we receive it etc. And it made me think how each individual receives data we want to transmit through our work. I wrote about this in the small essay.
I think it's very interesting to reflect on the different ways we are using and transmitting data in our lives (with social media or news). It is actually a huge part of our society today, it's interesting to decrypt how it works in our world and how it works in a simple piece of technology such as sensors or DMX.

That's an aspect I really want to work on for future projects, maybe something on how the data can be distorted during its transmission in today's world. That's something that rarely happens with technologies.
It can open a lot of questions about our society.

DMX light reacting to sound volume.


This project is focused on reflection, and I mainly wrote about it in the 3 essays. Thus I think it is interesting to have a project about reflection on our practice. It really made me take a step back on my reflection and review how I was thinking since then. It's also intriguing to see how I will evolve in next year's edition. It would be interesting to compare my two ways of thinking (Y1 vs Y2).

I think this project is a nice way of awakening our critical thinking about things we wouldn’t really consider such as tools, documentation process, technologies. I really learned a lot during these two weeks. Though it took me more than two weeks (more than the project time frame) to completely reflect on my whole way of thinking, reflection. I went through a lot of introspection after that and think I started to work on it and evolve a weeks later.


I think I didn't the project at first. It was just a bunch of workshops and readings for me. I realized later that it was a very important step in our student reflection development. I really liked the overall process of focusing on little things such as workshops and seminar to help us reflect on our practice.

Adding more details in April, I think I wasn't mature enough in some ways to totally understand the whole process at the time of the project. It's interesting though to see how our process of reflection evolves over time. Since that's a project we have every year, I look forward to the next to really engage with it this time.

UPDATE 21/04/2019

Re-structured my learning journal entry and added details and reflection to it.