OpenShare was the opportunity to improve a project from this year and to showcase it in an online exhbition.


I chose to improve my graphic narrative project for multiple reason. From all the projects, I thought it was the largest and best to fit in an online exhibition. Having complex interactive projects like sense & sensibility are always interesting, but quite hard to put and organize on an online platform for a remote experience. I thought graphic narrative, being a movie submission could a very accessible project to be showcased online.

I decided to improve the submission based on the guide grade feedback I had. For this, I adjusted the main 3d glass shape movement in the edit. I let it travel through the screen and reveal different part of the footage, more than in the original one. This way the viewer could experience a bit more the city.

Additionally I wanted to expand the movie with a collection of artworks and create a sort of ecosystem around the movie. I started by experimenting with typography, posters and photography. In the end I selected some poster design, some film photographs I transformed into textures and finally a typographical movie made from a 3D model of the word Seoul in Hangul script.

Here's the final movie

and here, the final typographical movie


I created 2 posters evoking the footage movement with tiny graphics and the 3d font above it. Then I added a design of a book cover I would like to create from this project in order to gather all these small experiments. I included some film photographs I took during my trip as well as some textural experiments from these pictures.

Here are some experiments and the final artworks selected for the exhibtion


The Openshare also included a takeover on GSA's main IG account. I decided to get involved and help. I was really motivated to help do the visual treatment for this takeover. I thought it was an important thing to attract people to our works as we are slightly in the shadow of the school of design.
I spent a week doing some experimentation with creative coding and poster design to have a good looking effective mix. We met multiple times with Jen and my peers to set up this take over, approve and structure everything.

Here's the some part of the art direction I created for the takeover.

some experiment

As soon as we approved the visual system I started to create true production files in order to create all the needed assets. In the end I think the direction works well, it fits the title 'POP UP' and has this slightly geeky feeling while staying clean and accessible.

Full art direction available on instagram and this google DRIVE


Here's my instagram submission

and some assets created for the exhibition